Thursday, 29 March 2012

About the Author

Cynthia Lasante is a young writer who is of French nationality, but is originally from India. She was born in Paris, living there for the first six years of her life, before she moved to Singapore, and then India. She is currently living in Singapore again. Her writing passion started at a very young age. She, having a multicultural background of France and India, loves writing stories during her free time that encompass not only her imagination, but her experiences as well. Her writing style includes incredible amounts of detail and showing of intense feelings and emotions. Her astounding short novel, The Sound of Silence, is all about the innocence of a child, combined with the pain, confusion, and dangers that a teenage girl can face after the loss of one of her senses.
Cynthia wrote this novel aiming to make her readers enthralled by the story she created. The novel portrays an idea of symmetry that she wants the readers to notice. The title of this novel encircles the main conflict, which relates to the title in various ways. There truly cannot be a better title for this story. She is positive that this book will channel her audience very deeply and she is impatient to share this story with the world. 
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