Thursday, 29 March 2012

About "The Sound of Silence"

  • ISBN: 1-4691-7489-8 (Trade Paperback 6x9)
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4691-7489-1 (Trade Paperback 6x9)

How loud can it really get? A little child is just in the years of innocence, but her curiosity is far beyond her years. She stands, facing the railing, ready to test her curiosity. How far will she go to satisfy her anticipation to feel the vibrations, to hear the sound that will destroy? To what extent will her curiosity lead her to risk her life? Is she aware of the consequences she will confront? Can she measure the risks awaiting her? Will she face reality, or the dangers of the dead? Does she realize what this means, what situation this will put her into?
She bends down on her knees, pressing her palms on the floor. Before she can think, she lies down, pressing her left ear on the rugged ground. She hears a phone call behind her, and she knows that something is wrong. Something terribly wrong is happening, but her curiosity does not let her run away. Fear creeps up into her system, as she waits...for the sound...for the sound that will change her life. 

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